Mojo home kit

  • Gold-standard semen analysis
  • Complete fertility report in 24h
  • Contact-free delivery and pickup
  • Tamper-proof kit
  • Free shipping
  • Discreet packaging

1500 SEK

How does it work?

  1. 1Order your home kit.
  2. 2Once your kit arrives, follow the instructions and create an account.
  3. 3Book a pick-up time.
  4. 4Cum into the plastic container. Place it in the metallic container, add a time and seal it in the box.
  5. 5Have your sample ready for pickup, so we can fast-track it to our lab.
  6. 6Log in to your account once you receive a ‘results are ready’ SMS.

What the test measures


Semen is the delivery guy, taking sperm to its destination. Both too much or too little semen hampers your sperm’s journey – if you are between 1.5ml and 8ml, you`re good.


Sperm moves with its own magic mojo. Higher sperm motility = higher ability of sperm to reach that final destination.


A ratio that matters in overall fertility. Healthy concentration = healthy cum.

Total sperm number

Simply put, higher sperm count = higher odds. And also indicates overall physical health.

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