We help fertility clinics to integrate psychosocial support in day-to-day care

Improve patient experience and enhance emotional well-being.

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Tilly is pioneering digital therapeutics for fertility patients

Validated assessment

FertiQol and mood check-ins evaluate the level of emotional distress and the reasons behind it, throughout the entire treatment.

Evidence-based coping tools

Self-care exercises based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Interpersonal Psychotherapy (IPT), and other proven frameworks.

Access to support groups & counselling

Making it easier for patients to find relevant support that supplements the tools in the app.

✓ In compliance with ESHRE, HFEA and ASRM guidelines

✓ Always based on research

The research is clear; the psychological impact of infertility is profound. The emotional toll is the most common reason for patients to discontinue treatment* and a majority of patients report wanting more information about coping strategies from their healthcare provider.

We partner with clinics to help them integrate emotional support in the day-to-day care.

Tilly’s core mission is to improve the quality of life of fertility patients by making psychosocial support more accessible and tailored. As a clinic you play an important role, and patients are increasingly choosing clinic based on the end-to-end patient experience. We help you provide support in a more cost-efficient and accessible way than traditional therapy.

We’re a team of previous fertility patients and experts within psychology and infertility, and we work closely with partner clinics providing education and support for the medical staff.

* GameiroS.BoivinJ.PeronaceL.VerhaakCM.Why do patients discontinue fertility treatment? A systematic review of reasons and predictors of discontinuation in fertility treatment

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