Hormone & Sperm testing

We love that you want to be proactive about your fertility!

Unfortunately though, with a small team and limited resources, we need to keep focus and have decided to put all of our effort into our app and our courses. Therefore, we’re no longer providing hormone or sperm testing.

If you’ve already bought one - don’t worry! You can still take the test, read on for more information.

I’ve taken a hormone test and want to see my results

If you’ve taken our hormone test (Tilly Fertilitetskoll) and have received your results, you can find your report by logging in here.

I’ve purchased a hormone test, but haven’t used it yet

If you have purchased our hormone test (Tilly Fertilitetskoll), but haven’t left a blood sample yet, you can still do so at the partner clinic you selected at checkout - please see your confirmation email for more information.

Here are some good things to know before you leave the sample.

I still want to take a test

Send us an email at hello@mytilly.co and we’ll do our best to refer you to a partner in your nearby area.

I have another question

As always, don’t be a stranger, just send us an email at hello@mytilly.co and we’ll get back to you!

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