Checklist: Questions to ask when your doctor suggests an IVF add-on

IVF add-ons such as PGT-A, ERA and immunological treatments could be a great option for you, helping you to improve chances. And sometimes your problem may be that your doctor doesn't  recommend add-ons at all; perhaps the clinic doesn’t offer them due to tradition or regulation. But it also happens that (profit-driven) clinics recommend add-ons even though research doesn’t support that it will improve your chances. Most add-ons are recommended for certain patient groups, not as a standard treatment. 

When all you want is a solution, you want to try it ALL. But costs (financial and physical) may not always outweigh the potential - at least at every stage of the treatment. No matter how frustrating it is, treating infertility often is a “trial and error” process where you have to try a few things and learn along the way. 

Having said that, there’s no right or wrong decision; only you and your doctor can agree on what the next step should be. But no matter the outcome it always feels better if you’ve asked the right questions to be able to make an informed decision. So here’s a few tips on questions you can ask to have a better discussion with your doctor. Bring this check-list to your appointment...

1. Why do I need this add-on? Do you recommend it to all patients or are there certain things that make it suitable for me?

2. What will happen if I don’t add this to my treatment or if I wait a while?

3. Are there any alternatives I should know about?

4. Are there any risks or side effects involved? How likely are they to occur?

5. What is the cost?

6. In your opinion - do the potential benefits outweigh the risks and costs for me?

This checklist and many other are found in Tilly's app - bring them to your doctor's appointment and tick the questions you've asked. Feeling in control can make a big difference 💪


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